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pick a perfume

pick a perfume

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Experience all natural, plant based perfumes.

Essences are formulated with a unique blend of botanicals for a bottled earthen tint that is visually appealing but will leave skin untouched. Single note scents per bottle, derived from organic plant extracts suspended in water provide a light wearing, beautifully minimal scent.

Each scent is true to its name, and multiple essences can be layered on skin to create a custom scent if desired.

CHOOSE one or many! (adjust quantity for how many perfume you would like to order, and specify in the personalization section which scent(s) you would like):

Peppermint, Coconut, Earl Grey Tea, Jasmine, Triple Fold Vanilla, Key Lime, Rose, Strawberry, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Chai, Coffee

*Triple fold vanilla and chocolate are lighter than the other scents, and will be lighter wearing due to their natural strength.

.20 fl oz each

All ingredients are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free

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