Founded in 2010 as hair-oriented business, Miss Violet Lace expanded their offerings to include botanical hair, skincare and beauty products in autumn 2014, made in their studio by hand in small batches.
Krista and Sandy developed a small assortment of hair products for both wigs and real hair early on, and released a line of (facial) hair products designed for men thereafter. Subsequently, studying plants, herbs and their medicinal & remedial uses, they put their knowledge into practice by expanding into hair, skincare and beautifying products in early 2015.
At Miss Violet Lace, it is the belief that nature and skincare are symbiotic, which is why MVL products contain only the finest ingredients, with a focus on beneficial + nutritive, sourced-from-the-earth ingredients. Beautifying and caring for your body shouldn't mean sacrificing health and wellness.
We take joy in including only pure, raw natural ingredients.
All of our products are:
- Vegan (as of 8/6/16)
- Cruelty free
- 100% natural*
*with the exception of products containing mica, which is a mineral and therefore by definition of the FDA not considered "natural" since it is not derived from a plant. We do absolutely NO animal testing, nor do any of the companies we purchase ingredients from.
//// WIGS:
We want to break the misconception that wigs are something you wear to a party or for fun. While they can be enjoyed that way, our hair pieces offer so much more. They can be worn as an accessory, as interchangeable as fashion to suit your mood.

Our wigs look and feel realistic, and are designed to be worn as if they were your own hair. They do require special care, and with proper care they will last for a long time.

Our hair pieces are as comfortable and functional as they are fashionable, with an open weft cap design. They are breathable, and suitable for daily wear, individuals with medical conditions that affect hair growth, and they may also be worn for cosplay if desired.

We lovingly alter wigs and hair pieces by hand, and our work also involves deconstructed and reconstructed pieces, extensively hand cut, styled and redesigned to bring you a truly unique, high quality & glamorous hair piece that will last for years to come.
We appreciate your support more than you will ever know, and look forward to many more years of helping you look and feel your best!
With love,
Krista and Sandy