dreadlock FAQs

> How many do I need?
For a partial set or if you have a mohawk, anywhere from 20 - 30 DE or 30 SE.
For a full head set, anywhere from 40 - 50+ DE, or 50 - 60 SE.
How many you need depends on how thick your hair is, and how much of your own hair you braid in with each dreadlock. (I personally have very thick hair, and can do about 3/4 of my head with around 40 DE locs, or a full head with close to 60 DE)

> Should I wash the dreadlocks before wearing?
The wool gets cleaned in the process of making the dreadlocks, so when you receive them they are ready to be installed right away!

> Do you use any fragrances on your wool?
I use several gentle plant based products on the wool to cleanse and soften. There is a very mild, fresh scent that's left behind. When you receive them, you may notice this, or your locs may just seem unscented. The scent is quite light and fades out quickly once the locs are worn.

> How do I install these?
DE and SE locs get installed a little differently, but both styles get braided into your hair the same way. You can use a pleated braid (a little more difficult to do, especially if you are installing them yourself, but has a longer hold and shows more of the loc) or a traditional 3 strand braid (easier to do, creates more constrast between your hair and the locs, but does loosen a little more quickly than the pleat). Youtube is a great source to get a visual on how to install these!

> How do I wash my hair with these?
Shampoo any of your hair that is left loose (as in partial styles) as normal. For washing the areas where your hair has locs in, massage shampoo gently onto your scalp (no need to apply to the dreadlocks), and rinse out as normal. You will notice that the dreadlocks get heavy in the shower - they absorb a lot of water, this is completely normal! When you're done washing up, gently squeeze out the excess water as best you can from your dreadlocks, and let them air dry.
**Avoid applying conditioner to your hair, as this will loosen your locs prematurely.

> How long can I keep them in?
This varies, but the general amount of time to wear them before removing is 6-8 weeks max., and they can be reused many times!

> Wool vs. synthetic?
There are pros and cons to both, but wool is my personal favorite! Wool is incredibly lightweight and soft. Merino is the finest wool and the best for all skin types since it is the least likely to feel itchy or uncomfortable. (I have very sensitive skin and have no issues with merino!)

> When do these ship?
Processing time on our wool dreadlocks is 2-4 weeks - this allows enough time to order supplies if needed, make and decorate them, and allow a cushion of time to ensure they are completely dry all the way through before mailing out.

> What is your return policy?
All sales are final on dreadlocks.