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glow serum set

glow serum set

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Illuminate your complexion with the celestial trio of Moon, Star, and Sun Glow Serums. Each serum is a constellation captured in a glass bottle, complete with a metal rollerball for seamless application. The serums are a delicate blend of water and sweet almond oil, providing a hydrating touch with every glide.

Infused with mica, they bestow a sublime sparkle and ethereal shimmer, reminiscent of the heavenly bodies they’re named after.

Glow Serums are intended to be subtle and soft, leaving a natural luminescence rather than an intense glittering. They are unscented, and can be applied on high points of the face (cheekbones, bridge of nose) and areas that the sun naturally kisses, like collarbones and cupid's bow.

Ingredients naturally separate when still - shake well to blend and roll onto skin.

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