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irish lass wig

irish lass wig

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Head Circumference +

Transform yourself into a charming damsel with our "Irish Lass" wig, a wavy blend of sandy blonde and brown. This gorgeous wig has a natural look with darker roots and lighter tips, and a flattering fringe that sweeps to the side.

· · Style + materials:
This soft, long unit is comprised of high quality, heat resistant synthetic fiber hair, styled in gentle mermaid waves with ample layering throughout, and softly texturized bangs, and has a middle center part.

It can be styled curly, straight, crimped or wavy as desired!
> We recommend using the lowest heat setting for all styling.

· · Cap + part:
An open weft cap design that offers breathable comfort for daily wear, this hair piece has soft, elasticated straps to adjust the fit.

+ Features a wig comb on each side and one on the bottom for added security.

· · Measurements (taken from the top center to the ends of the hair)
Length: 22 inches (24 inches when the curl is stretched)
Bangs: 6 inches

- - - - - - - - -


We offer customizations to completely personalize your wig to fit you comfortably, from ensuring it's the right size to the security of clips for a no-shift hold.

· · HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE - what size is best for me?

Most wigs have an average fit (around 22 inches/55.88 cm head circumference).

To measure:

Using a soft tape measure, wrap it all around your head, keeping it at your hairline from ear to ear. At the front of your head, position in the center of your forehead. 

Small cap size is ideal for 21 inches (53.34 cm) or smaller head circumference, large cap size is ideal for 23 inches (58.42 cm) or larger head circumference. If you are in between these sizes, the average is the best fit!

*Individuals with long and/or thick hair may find the large cap size to be a more comfortable fit.

· · WIG CLIPS - what are they and do I need them?

We offer the option of hand-sewing in secure metal clips that help prevent your wig from shifting throughout the day. I recommend them if you intend to wear your wig for long periods of time. They also have the added benefit of keeping your natural hair tucked in.

The clips snap open, slide underneath your wig cap and into your own hair, and snap closed.

It is recommended that your own hair be a minimum of 1 inch length in order to use the clips. If your hair is shorter or you don't have hair, then skip the clips!

If you select 2 clips, they will be sewn at the sides and rest just above your ears. 4 clips are sewn above the ears and have the addition of two at the bottom/nape of your neck.

· · HAIRLINE - what is hairline customization?

On select wigs, I offer a hairline customization service - specifically, for wigs with a middle parting. This customization involves hand-plucking the hairline for a more realistic look.

The base comes with the hairline preset. In production, the hair is inserted into the 'scalp' piece in a perfect line, and is usually quite dense. Natural hair is not perfectly uniform, and is not as thick where it is parted.

By plucking hair by hand, I am able to remove excess density around the parting, as well as creating variation in the part itself, for a more realistic look.

This is an optional service that is available for certain wigs, so you can still select the original part if desired.

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this wig is preorder and ships 2-4 weeks after purchase

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