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beard care set

beard care set

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Scent for Beard oil & Shampoo

Beard Oil, Beard Scrub + Beard Shampoo Gift Set - Choose the scent for beard oil and shampoo!

For the classic manly man, this set has the basic tools every bearded beefcake needs in his facial hair arsenal. Armed with these 3 all natural beard products, he can tame any manner of facial mane, from mustache to mutton chops and everything in-between.

Oil and shampoo are approx. 2 fl oz, scrub is 1.1 oz

Invigorating, finely ground coffee exfoliates skin to smooth away roughness and irritation. A dual blend of sweet almond and coconut oils hydrate and soften facial hair, while replenishing moisture to your skin to cleanse impurities and smooth away dry skin. Beard Buff doubles as a facial scrub for allover exfoliation and is gentle enough for all skin types.

Experience all natural, uniquely scented beard oil, made with a hand-blended formulation of plant oils and botanical essences, designed to effectively moisturize, soften and rejuvenate facial hair and skin. A dual blend of plant oils absorb quickly for ease of use, delivering ample vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients to beard and face while offering a new sensory experience each day of the week.

Naturally cleanse beard, mustache and skin with a fusion of organic oils that gently clarify while restoring moisture. Beard Shampoo is designed to thoroughly wash skin and hair while lightly hydrating. Applying Beard Oil directly after washing is recommended, to restore proper moisture and softness.

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>> Choose the scent for beard oil & shampoo:

Dry cedar bark, accented with silky smooth and mellow tonka bean. This scent is simple and classic, prominently wood toned.

An invigorating light woodsy citrus, this refreshing scent is a smooth blend of vanilla, citrus and fresh woodsy tones. Enliven your senses with this uplifting scent! Ho wood gives this blend a warm finish; petitgrain and spruce lend a subtle forest tone, with sweet orange adding a twist of citrus zest.

Hot sand and sunlight. True, pure balmy coconut.

Coffee Mocha has been endearingly described as a "cafe mocha" scent - a smooth blend of hot coffee with warm, silky steamed milk. This rich coffee scent is reminiscent of hot chocolate, invigorating the senses, giving you a buzz - without the bean.

An unmistakably woodsy scent; earthy and masculine. Patchouli and palmarosa are the duo blend of essential oils that contribute to the forest inspired aroma. Palmarosa has an uplifting effect, like a brisk walk through the woods, while patchouli is an excellent tonic, and is a relaxing scent, making this duo of essential oils a perfectly balanced blend.

Forest Nectar is a scent that he will enjoy but she will love. Blended with essential oils that are known to make many wearers feel, shall we say, amorous, the scent is light yet effective, with calming lavender and uplifting citrus notes. A top note of rosewood gives an initial sultry tone that is understated yet pleasant. Overall it has woody undertones and a subtle herbal feel.

A crisp, woodland winter scent; reminiscent of evergreens. Snow coated branches and fresh mountain air. The base notes of cypress and patchouli give this scent an earthy foundation, with mid-notes of spruce, cedar and other essences to enhance the blend with the aroma of fresh pine and evergreen. Lastly, top notes off fresh and light peppermint and spearmint lend a uniquely wintry aura of frozen woodlands without overpowering the balance.

Like Christmas in a bottle, Spicewood captures the warmth and spice of the holiday season. Festive and bright, delectable cinnamon swirls with heady clove, fading into dry cedar woods. This scent offers a balanced blend of warm and cozy with sexy and spicy.

A quintet of woodsy essences, this scent is a balanced blending of essential oils to create an aura of snow-covered woodland surroundings. Spruce and cedar lend a light timber scent, topped with a hint of spearmint, like a cold frost. A subtle undertone of patchouli adds in a masculine finish.

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