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Miss Violet Lace

Smooth Talker // Anti-Chafe Cream

Smooth Talker // Anti-Chafe Cream

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Smooth Talker - Anti-Chafe Cream

Wave goodbye to thigh rub and heat rashes! Smooth Talker is an all-natural cream that looks like lotion but melts into skin like a powder when applied. Made with nourishing botanical ingredients to soothe and hydrate tender skin, while absorbing excess moisture from perspiration with plant powder. Tried and true to ease even the most stubborn areas.

For thigh rub, tummy chafing, and pesky under-boob sweat! Smooth Talker has you covered. Even safe as a diaper rash cream for your little one.

Free of essential oils / extracts for the gentlest formulation, safe for all skin types.

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Massage onto clean, dry skin to help prevent chafing. This is safe and gentle to use on skin that is already tender (though for skin that is open or weeping, we recommend giving some TLC with a salve or ointment and allowing to heal before using Smooth Talker)

1.4 oz

Arrowroot powder, shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil

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/ / Handcrafted in micro-batches using 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, housed in sustainable packaging.

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