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Miss Violet Lace

Can You Even Lift? Post-Workout Deodorizing Spray

Can You Even Lift? Post-Workout Deodorizing Spray

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Can You Even Lift? - Post-workout Deodorizing Mist

Sweat it out in confidence with our workout must-have mist. Can You Even Lift? is a deodorizing mist, formulated with a fresh blend of botanical essences that work double-duty to deodorize your workout space, equipment and body after hitting the gym. You don't always have time to shower off after a cardio sesh or lifting - your secret weapon against nefarious odors is just a few sprays away.

This mist smells amazing and naturally deodorizes, making it your always reliable workout bestie. Unisex scent suitable for everyone!

Spray it on your skin, clothing, in your gym bag, and on workout equipment (if you go to a public gym, nix the equipment spraying and stick to the gym-provided wipes, please!)

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Shake well. Spray onto skin and clothing to refresh and deodorize post-workout, or any time. Use as needed. *if misting on clothing, we recommend testing a small area first to ensure compatibility. It should be safe on most materials, just avoid use on delicate fabrics.

Distilled water, essential oils, organic extracts

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/ / Handcrafted in micro-batches using 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, housed in sustainable packaging.

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