Sensory Perfume Sampler
Sensory Perfume Sampler Sensory Perfume Sampler Sensory Perfume Sampler
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Our sensory perfumes are designed to resonate with you and create a unique sensory experience as they develop on your skin.

The set contains all 6 of our Sensory perfumes, and comes packaged in a luxe black velour bag for gift giving and easy storage.

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S C E N T S :

Calm is a soothing blend of Bulgarian lavender and smooth vanilla cream, intertwining to create an air of peace, stillness and pure calm. The scent is inviting and warm.

Love brings an aura of sensuality with pure, deep rose. An intensely amorous blend of rose with a base of sweet jasmine for an indulgent, exotic aroma.

Bliss is an exhilarating blend of soothing, light organic extracts, boosted with fresh citrus, deep rosewood and a touch of island warmth. Inspired by sunshine and happy memories, Bliss is intended to capture moments of joy and lightheartedness.

Awaken is a crisp, refreshing scent designed with simple moments in mind. Quiet mornings, the sounds of nature and finding inner peace. Infused with chamomile flowers, Awaken carries gentle, calming jasmine and uplifting, light citruses intended to inspire a sense of tranquility.

Energy is an uplifting blend of citruses that are intended to brighten and exhilarate. Ideally applied morning to mid-afternoon, as well as pre-workout. Mild lemon with sweet orange, grapefruit and a boost of lime create an aura of elation.

Flirt is a playful, romantic scent, infused with nectarous jasmine, sensual rosewood and hints of uplifting notes that enhance the overall blend. Flirt unfolds with exotic, sexy rosewood, developing into a lighter, heavenly fragrance.

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T H E . R I T U A L
Apply to pulse points to enjoy. Reapply throughout the day to experience again.
Generously sized at .20 fl oz each (full sizes are .30 fl oz each)

See individual listings. All ingredients are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free.

This information has not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.