Rose Queen --- Self Care Set
Rose Queen --- Self Care Set Rose Queen --- Self Care Set
$ 36.00
This decadent set makes for an exquisite gift for a friend or a luxe treat for yourself. Indulge skin in opulent Rose Drops body oil for sumptuously soft, hypnotically scented skin. Revive skin with a fine mist of Rosewater; droplets of pure delicate rose petals on face, body and in hair. Truly a perfect, pampering set for a touch of luxurious, eco-friendly beauty.

This boxed set comes complete with a luxe dusty rose velvet bag for storage.

Bathe skin in a garden of rose petals and supremely luxurious liquid satin. Rose Drops is a luxe formula of three highly emollient oils, including evening primrose oil, to saturate skin in the ultimate nourishing hydration. Sensual rosewood, Bulgarian rose and two more rosy plant essences create an aura of hypnotically delicious rose that is pure elation to breathe in. This oil blend may be added to bathwater or applied lightly throughout hair for a truly indulgent experience.

Awaken skin with a fine mist of rose petals. Soothing aloe vera gently hydrates and plumps skin, leaving it dewy fresh and glowing. Purple carrot extract deeply nourishes skin while delivering beneficial vitamins, enhanced with organic rose extract for a petal soft, pretty scent. Rosewater is gentle and light, and may be enjoyed by all skin types. Mist onto face, body and even hair for a blissful, whisper soft scent.

For directions and ingredients, please see individual listings. All ingredients are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free.

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