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essential oils · starter set

essential oils · starter set

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Unveil the essence of nature with our Essential Oils Discovery Set. This curated collection features six quintessential scents to enchant your senses and transform your space:

· Grapefruit: A burst of citrusy sunshine that energizes and uplifts.
· Lemon: The zesty spark that cleanses the mind and invigorates the soul.
· Patchouli: Earthy and rich, it grounds and balances, connecting you to the here and now.
· Sweet Orange: Sweet, warm, and cheerful, it’s a drop of pure joy.
· Lavender: A floral whisper that calms the spirit and soothes the senses.
· Cedarwood: Woody and warm, it’s the comforting embrace of nature.

Each oil is a chapter in the story of well-being, ready to be diffused, blended, or simply inhaled for a moment of pure, aromatic bliss. Whether you’re seeking to refresh, relax, or recharge, this set is your gateway to an aromatic adventure.

Each bottle contains .20 fl oz (5.9 mL) of pure, concentrated essential oil - enough to blend your own perfumes and wellness products, add to a diffuser and more. Conveniently housed in glass bottles with a dropper dispenser for ease of use.

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