Cologne Sampler
Cologne Sampler Cologne Sampler Cologne Sampler Cologne Sampler
$ 30.00
Spice up the day with a revitalizing blend of botanical essences that leave a unique, natural scent on skin.
This sampler set of colognes includes all 4 scents: Vanilla Bark, Everglade, Firewood and Black Forest, and comes complete with a luxe black velour bag for gift giving, stocking stuffing and seamless storage.

Eau Fraiche colognes are water based, and are a refreshingly light scent that wears close to the skin, developing swiftly after spritzed.


Warm, savory blend of french vanilla and balmy coconut intermingling with dry balsamic cedarwood and subtler vanilla tones for a sexy finish.
// INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, extracts of *french vanilla, *coconut; *extract, *triple fold vanilla extract, cedar essential oil

Opens with fresh greenery and tall arching ferns drizzled with dewdrops. Damp moss, sun-soaked leaves, blossoming buds and blades of grass. Everglade is a refreshing earthy scent, inspired by a brisk morning hike through the forest in early spring.
// INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, *key lime extract, patchouli essential oil

Unfolds as burning wood, embers and sparks, smoke rising and dancing in the air. This scent captures a midnight bonfire; a crackling campfire in the woods surrounded by the sounds of nature; a glowing hearth warming a cozy cabin.
// INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, essential oils of vetiver, cedar, spruce, rosewood; *extract

Embodies deep woods, fallen trees and the full moon, capturing the essence of nature at her darkest. Heady vetiver and woody cedar set the scene with an unmistakably woodland tone, offset by mint, spruce and wintergreen for cold, autumn wind.
// INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, essential oils of cedar, ho wood, peppermint; extracts of *wintergreen, *allspice berry, *bay; essential oils of patchouli, spruce, vetiver


T H E . R I T U A L
Shake well. Spray onto body as desired. Reapply to experience again.
.30 fl oz each

100% natural | Vegan | Cruelty Free

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