$ 80.00
Discover your new beauty favorites with the ultimate gift set, complete with the best selling products from our line!

Whether you are new to the MVL line or are looking specifically for our best sellers, this pack includes our most popular items in the widest range of product types, from hair to face, beauty and perfume.

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- Rosewater (travel size)
- Unicorn Sparkle shimmer water
- Sprite shimmer glow wand
- Sun Elixir hair dry oil mist
- Calm perfume


You may choose to further personalize this gift set with alternate products of choice for the following, upon request (please mention in 'note to seller')

Instead of Unicorn Sparkle shimmer water, you may substitute with Galaxy Glow, Mystic Mermaid or Rose Quartz
Instead of Sprite shimmer glow wand, you may substitute with Pixie or Fairy
Instead of Calm perfume, you may substitute with Awaken, Bliss, Energy, Flirt or Love

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Awaken skin with a fine mist of rose petals. Soothing aloe vera gently hydrates and plumps skin, leaving it dewy fresh and glowing. Purple carrot extract deeply nourishes skin while delivering beneficial vitamins, enhanced with organic rose extract for a petal soft, pretty scent. Rosewater is gentle and light, and may be enjoyed by all skin types. Mist onto face, body and even hair for a blissful, whisper soft scent.

U N I C O R N . S P A R K L E
Illuminate skin in a veil of iridescent shimmer, infused with organic extracts for majestic sparkle and sweet scent. Purple carrot extract and spirulina gives a mystical purple hue, while deeply nourishing skin and delivering beneficial vitamins. Stunning platinum mica in each dreamy drop leaves behind a subtle shimmer for stunning sparkle.

Enchant skin in a veil of glistening sparkle. Our glow wands are a 100% natural, water based formula designed to glide onto skin, leaving a trail of soft sparkle and subtly sweet scent behind. Sprite is scented with organic rose extract for a soft, petal pretty aura.

S U N . E L I X I R
Suffuse fragile strands in a balanced blend of nourishing argan and sweet almond oils, and pure water. Sun Elixir is a dry oil mist that gently coats hair in hydrating plant oils, evenly dispersed with a blend of water to soften and smooth hair without weighing it down.
Enhanced with jasmine essential oil for a whisper-light scent that gently fades after application to leave hair fresh and revived.

Calm is a soothing blend of Bulgarian lavender and smooth vanilla cream, intertwining to create an air of peace, stillness and pure calm. The scent is inviting and warm.

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For directions and ingredients, please see individual listings. All ingredients are 100% *natural, vegan and cruelty free.

**mica and oxides in the shimmer products are minerals and therefore by definition, the FDA does not consider it to be "natural" since they are not derived from a plant, however we feel confident in including these in our shimmer products because they are originally sourced from the earth, which is a strong part of our ethos.

This information has not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.