Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your wigs last?
With proper care, our synthetic hair wigs are designed to last upwards of a year. Longevity of our units is dependent on many factors, from how often you wear your wig to how it is cared for. Human hair wigs typically last longer than synthetic.

How can I prolong the life of my wig?
While it helps to have several wigs in rotation, the best tips I can offer to increase the lifespan of your wig is:

  • Gently brush the hair after every wear. Using a small round barrel brush, work with small sections from the bottom up, and take care not to pull hard on the hair, as this can cause irreversible damage. If you find that the hair is tangled or knotted, try to work in smaller sections.

  • Wash when needed. When your hair piece starts to feel a bit gritty, it needs to be washed. Delaying washing can cause the hair to prematurely matt up, which makes daily care more difficult.

  • Trim as needed. The ends of the hair will become frayed over time. By trimming this off, it will help prevent tangles and keep your hair piece looking great.

  • Heat style to smooth. Should your wig look a bit frayed, fluffy and not feel soft after multiple wearings, going over it with a flatiron (on low heat) can help smooth it out.

I'm an influencer, do you send products in exchange for exposure?
While we are incredibly grateful for your interest in promoting our products, we are a small business and rely on word of mouth to spread the word about our brand, and we truly take to heart every kind word our customers have to say. We are not sending items out at this time but thank you immensely for your consideration.

Do you do custom orders?
I have had the honor of doing custom work in the past and it has been such a joy to bring your ideas to life, but due to current order volume and projects, I am not able to take on custom work at this time, but please feel free to send me your ideas or requests and I may consider them for a future product!

Do you offer wholesale?
We do offer wholesale on most of our beauty products! Send us an email for more info.: