At Miss Violet Lace, we believe nature and skincare are symbiotic, which is why MVL products contain only the finest ingredients, with a focus on beneficial + nutritive, sourced-from-the-earth ingredients. Beautifying and caring for your body shouldn't mean sacrificing health and wellness. We take joy in including only pure, raw natural ingredients.

Founded in 2010 as a hair-oriented business, Miss Violet Lace developed a small assortment of hair products early on, and released a line of (facial) hair products designed for men thereafter. Subsequently, studying plants, herbs and their medicinal & remedial uses, MVL put their knowledge into practice by expanding into skincare and beautifying products in early 2015, made in their countryside studio by hand, in small batches.

All MVL products are vegan *(as of 8/6/16), cruelty free and 100% natural*.

*with the exception of wigs, which are comprised of synthetic hair, and products containing mica, which is a mineral and therefore by definition of the FDA not considered "natural" since it is not derived from a plant.

We do absolutely NO animal testing, nor do any of the companies we purchase ingredients from.

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