Coral Dawn | Fusion Perfume Essence
Coral Dawn | Fusion Perfume Essence Coral Dawn | Fusion Perfume Essence
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Discover a truly unique scent experience. Fusion Perfume Essences are a balanced base blend of smooth sweet almond oil and soothing aloe vera. A blend of essential oil remains suspended in the oil base while organic extract stays in the aloe vera. When applied (shake the bottle if you so desire, or apply as is), the essences blend together to create the perfect scent formula.

The scents are lighter wearing than traditional perfume, making them seemingly natural against your skin, as the scent is carried close to the skin.

Housed in an eco-friendly paperboard tube, adorned with hand-dyed labels for an artisanal look and feel. Coral Dawn itself is partially orange-coral toned with the use of plant extracts, and will gradually fade over time, just as the life cycle of plants begins and ends shortly. The scent itself will remain the same.

SCENT - Coral Dawn:
Vibrant hues of tangerine and tropical pink arise as the sun breaks the horizon. White sandy shores lead to a sea of serenity, beneath it an underwater world awaits. Coral Dawn opens with nectarous jasmine petals, blooming under sun soaked palm leaves, drifting in the island breeze and gently floating across turquoise waters of paradise. In the distance, the fragrance of citrus fruits carries on the wind like a delicate perfume.

T H E . R I T U A L
Apply to pulse points to enjoy. May be reapplied throughout the day to experience again.
.20 oz

Sweet almond oil, aloe vera, organic jasmine extract, sweet orange essential oil, vegetable derived glycerin, purple  carrot extract, plant extracts

100% natural | Vegan | Cruelty Free

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