Beard Oil Sampler --- The Complete Collection
Beard Oil Sampler --- The Complete Collection Beard Oil Sampler --- The Complete Collection
$ 19.95
This deluxe set contains the complete beard oil collection. Experience unique all natural oils, each made with a hand-blended formulation of plant oils and botanical essences, designed to effectively moisturize, soften and rejuvenate facial hair and skin.

A triple blend of plant oils absorb quickly for ease of use, delivering ample vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients to beard and face while offering a new sensory experience each day of the week.

**Set includes 6 beard oil samples (as mentioned below) in brown glass bottles.

T H E . R I T U A L
Dispense several drops into palms and work through dry or damp beard, adding more as needed.
4 mL each

Please refer to individual listings for ingredients

S C E N T S:

Warm, rich coffee, reminiscent of hot chocolate. Applying this oil in the morning is a great way to start your day, even if you aren't an avid coffee drinker. The scent of coffee has been known to invigorate the senses, giving you a buzz - without the bean.

An unmistakably woodsy scent; earthy and masculine. Patchouli and palmarosa are the duo blend of essential oils that contribute to the forest inspired aroma. Palmarosa has an uplifting effect, like a brisk walk through the woods, while patchouli is an excellent tonic, and is a relaxing scent, making this duo of essential oils a perfectly balanced blend.

An invigorating light woodsy citrus, this refreshing scent is a smooth blend of vanilla, citrus and fresh woodsy tones. Enliven your senses with this uplifting scent! Ho wood is less commonly used, though it gives this blend a warm finish; bay and spruce lend a subtle forest tone, with vanilla cream as the base note, and sweet orange adding a twist of citrus zest.

A smooth, pleasant scent with a warm vanilla cream base. Top notes of bay, spruce and ho wood bring subtle forest tones, with middle notes of brown sugar, rich vanilla and butter rum for a balmy finish.
This scent combines classically favored vanilla with light forest notes to create a harmonious, unexpectedly wonderful olfactory experience.

A quintet of woodsy essences, this scent is a balanced blending of essential oils to create an aura of snow-covered woodland surroundings. spruce and cedar lend a light timber scent, topped with a hint of spearmint, like a cold frost. A subtle undertone of patchouli adds in a masculine finish.

A crisp, winter mint scent; reminiscent of evergreens. Snow coated branches and fresh mountain air. The base note of wintergreen gives this scent an icy cool forest tone. Cedar and ho wood mid-notes give the aroma of timber, and lastly, top notes of ravensare and spearmint lend a uniquely wintry aura of frozen woodlands.

100% natural | Vegan | Cruelty Free

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