How Wigs Transformed My Life
Okay, so maybe it's a stretch to say that wigs completely changed my life, but isn't it true? I wouldn't be sitting here today had I not decided to get my hair hacked off 6 1/2 years ago.
That fateful day in the salon chair made me hunt for a solution which I did not find (stylish, sexy wigs! Was there such a thing? Was I searching for the unicorn of hair pieces?), and here I am.
What does this have to do with you? Let me tell you - I have never had so much fun with my hair as I have had with wigs. They can be easily styled just like real hair can, and you can have fun with it!
Braids, low ponytails, loose pigtails, bunny buns (as I like to call them, pictured above). I style wigs more than I do my own hair. Wigs got me out of a rough patch when growing my hair out, but they've also allowed me to experiment guilt-free. Always wanted to go pink but scared to damage your hair? Have no regrets by wigging out.
I also have been saved many a bad hair day (a.k.a. I don't feel like styling it) by a fun hair piece. The best part is that I can match the color, style and length to my mood and outfit, and never need a root touch up!
Lace fronts, invisible parts, heat resistant...I can't get enough. I find I develop a new persona each time I slip on a new wig. It's intoxicating! I'm constantly reinventing myself anyways, so wigs allow me to be a free spirit without hitting up the salon 3x a month because let's be honest, I get bored and like to wield scissors.
My hair has grown since that awful haircut, or "the incident" as I like to refer to it, but I still reach for wigs when the urge to dye, cut or otherwise mangle my hair creeps in.
I'm here to tell you that it's okay to wear wigs. Whether you have hair down to your bum or no hair at all, wigs are not something to feel embarrassed about, and it's okay to have fun with them! You have likely passed someone on the street who was wearing one, and you didn't even know.

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